Lender's Fees

Lender’s Fee Schedule

  These fees can be included in your loan amount or paid for at closing.  Also, ask about our no cost options.

                Appraisal Fee                                $450

                Credit Report                                 $23

                Processing Fee                             $595

                Underwriting Fee                          $650

                Wire Transfer Fee                         $50



In addition to the Lenders Fees, typical Title Charges (escrow, title insurance, recording fees, etc.) are $1000 - $1500 depending on the loan amount and service provider.  A “Good Faith Estimate” will be provided upon completion of the loan application.  Academy Properties guarantees the final closing costs will not exceed 10% of the total fees quoted on the “Good Faith Estimate” for a refinance transaction.

Call or e-mail for a quote on the “No Lender Fee” or “Zero Cost Out of Pocket (zero points and zero fees)” program

Thank you for the loan inquiry.  To apply call 858-395-9140

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